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Welcome to the world of innovative and futuristic products
Welcome to the world of innovative and futuristic products

Every meeting starts with the introduction, so, please, sit down, take your tea and we will tell you who we are, why we are here and what useful we can suggest to you.

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Greetings from GoGoA1 Team ;).

EV is also called as an electric vehicle, one or more power electric motors. An electric vehicle powered by electricity from off-vehicle sources through a collector system or may be self-contained with a battery, a generator for converting fuel to electricity.
EVs include, but are not limited to, road and rail vehicles, land and underwater boats, EVs first came into being in the mid-19th century, when electricity was among the preferred methods of propulsion for motor vehicles, offering a level of comfort and ease of operation that the gasoline cars of the time could not achieve.

For nearly 100 years, modern internal combustion engines have been the dominant propulsion system for motor vehicles, but electric power has remained prevalent in other types of vehicles, such as trains and smaller vehicles of all sizes.
The word EV is generally used to refer to an electric vehicle. Due to technological advancements, EVs saw a rebirth in the 21st century and increased focus on renewable energy.
Developed a lot of demand for electric vehicles and a small core of do – it-yourself engineers started sharing technical details for making conversions of electric vehicles. State programs were implemented to step up adoptions. It is projected that electric vehicles will grow from 2 percent of global share in 2016 to 22 percent in 2030.

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History of Bicycle (Part 2)


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In previous post, we had explain about the history of bicycle (part 1). The story was started long before 19th century when a France man invented a 2-wheeler without hand steering. That invention was a pioneer to today’s bicycle. Now we are going to continue explaining the after 19th century development. So check it out!

The 20th century.

The bicycle was known as roadster and early in the 20th century, the developing of ladies version of roadster was highly done. The frame for ladies version was differ compare to the previous one. It had smaller shaped and light material.

In 1900, a derailleur was invented as the first speed bicycle then the innovation kept growing until the World War II. All people in military used the speed bicycle and the multi speed bicycle was developed during that era.

In another side of the world, China might be the first country to sell billion bicycle with their Flying Pigeon. The type of bicycle was vary and more modern compare to the one in market. Not long afterwards, many manufacturers were copying the Flying Pigeon and the country was widely known as The Kingdom of Bicycle. Even though the production was on high rate, people still had to go in waiting list for several years to get one bicycle.

The 21st century.

In this era, bicycle is widely developed any where. The bicycle frame is getting lighter and more aerodynamic


The electric bicycle is mainly produced as it becomes one of choice to commute. The improvement including the frame and battery type. The old electric bicycle was supported by Lead Acid battery. Due to its cheap cost also the material is heavy, people started moving on Lithium Ion Battery.

Recumbent Bicycle


The newest and modern bicycle for those who wants flexibility while cycling.

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Bicycle History (Part 1)


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Today we are going to explain all of you on how a bicycle is made. Interesting, isn’t it?

First of all, what is the history of a bicycle itself?

Bicycle was firstly envisioned by Leonardo da Vinci back in the 1490 yet his sketch was not found until 1960. In the 1700 a man from France, Giacomo Caprotti made a wooden 2-wheeler for an exhibition but it was only 2 wheels with a long saddle to lean without any hand steering.

In the 19th Century.

In 1817 a German named Karl von Drais invented the 2-wheel and steerable draisine. It is a human propelled kart which suppose a man rode this, he used his leg to run the draisine that later was called velocipede.


A Draisine (credit: google)

The velocipede then became popular in London but only lasted for a year. However the design of this type had been a pioneer of future vehicle.

Around 1839 Kirk Patrick Mac Millan, a Scottish built a new design of velocipede with mechanical driven in the crank later claimed by his nephew however the stated could not be verified. In 1860 a French, Pierre Michaux invented the first velocipede with pedal on its front wheels and connected with the rear wheel with the former size is bigger than the latter. Thus it was believed that Michaux was actually invented the first bicycle.


A Pierre Michaux First Pedal Velocipede (credit: google)

Then in the year of 1869 Thomas McCall re new the pedal velocipede which were inspired by Michaux.

After the invention of Michaux first pedal velocipede, people start producing the same vehicle but in United States the name was changed into Bone-Shaker while in France they still use word velocipede for the common 2 wheeler. In 1870 another invention of bicycle was found by a French Eugene Meyer who later regarded as the father of high wheel cycle. The invention was mainly focused on the wheel and speed. It was called as penny-farthing. The penny refers to the front wheel while farthing is the rear wheel. The penny-farthing was really fast but unsafe. A rider might experience severe injure from falling down from the cycle, thus it was not considered as a normal commuter due to high risky.



A penny farthing (source: google)

So here is a brief explanation about the history of bicycle part 1. We will give you the second part in the next post 😉

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The Difference of Speed and Fixed Geared Cycle


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Today we are going to discuss about speed gears on bicycle!

So what is exactly speed gear? Have you ever heard about 21 gears, 27 gears, and no gears whenever you want to purchase your first bicycle? Do not get a mistake by buying the wrong one for your needs. Here you can learn what it is before going to bicycle shop!

Basically the gears are the important tool on each geared bicycle to make your riding experience easier and more flexible. The gear itself can be divided into 2 parts, left handle gear and  right handle gear. The former has numbering 1 2 3 while the latter used to have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 written there. The left gears represent the ring chain near the paddle are used to shift down and the right ones represent the rear ring.

What is the purpose for each gear?

Many sport bicycle including mountain bicycle use gear as part of it. However some bikes does not have any, for instance the city/road bikes. The gear itself help rider to adjust their mobility for example when the rider meets an uphill road and it feels very hard to pedal then shift down the gear to make it easier. The same concept applies on down hill, it gets easier and no need to use pedal but when the rider wants to have a little bit cycling then shift up the gear. That’s it.

So what is the function on each handle gear shiftier?

Each handle brings its purpose.

Left handle, consist of 3 number gears 1 2 3. Number 1 is the smallest gear while number 3 is the opposite. The location of these rings are near the paddle. It will move onto different rings whenever the rider shifts it.

Right handle, consist of several number depends on the type of the bicycle itself. Some bicycles have 21, 27, 30, or 33 gears. Each number has meaning, for example 21 gears will have 7 rings in the rear wheels. Opposite to the left handle gears, the number written on the right one depends on how many gears the bicycle has. Number 1 is the biggest gear while number 7 is the smallest one.




The above picture shown the 7 gears on a rear wheel (left picture) and 3 gears on paddle (right picture).

What is the best gear adjustment?

There is no such thing because it truly depends on the rider on how he/she feels comfortable while riding a bike. However some riders used to specific gears in common while cycling on a particular terrain. For instance put the left handle gear on 3 and right gear on 1 to fastest experience. If you feel uneasy cycling uphill then adjust the gear into 2 on the left and 3/4 on the right.

How about the non geared/fixed geared cycle?

Non geared or so called single geared cycle means it has no gear adjustment in a particular bicycle. This usually applies on city/road bike in which you don’t need to shift any gear. However this is not literally gear less ;D. It has the gear but already set on specific number. Suppose we have the geared cycle and want to ride it like fixed gear, we can number it 3 on left and 1 on right. However in a fixed geared cycle, there is no gear adjustment and number on it due to the stability of the terrain.

So how is the information? It is clear enough, isn’t it?

In GOGOA1.com, we provide both kind of bicycles the gear ones and fixed gear. Which one is your favorite? Don’t forget to visit our page in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and subscribe us on YouTube. See you there!


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Electric Vehicle Mission : How GoGoA1 Thinks About It (Part 2)


Greetings from GoGoA1 Team 😉

On the previous post we have shared company’s thought about the new vision and future rules of government to have only Electric Vehicle (EV) on roads. GoGoA1 is standing out in between the gap of future transformation. In the earlier years, GoGoA1 had launched the first electric conversion kit for bicycle and rickshaw also provided its components that was proven to be beneficial for mostly engineering student in their final year to make a project. Since ever the announcement of 2030 vision, GoGoA1 is currently working on electric car conversion kit that expect to be launched in a short time.

Just a month after the controversy statement from Minister of transportation and Highways, Nitin Gadkari about the policy of Electric Vehicle (EV), a new vision is set by decreasing the percentage of EV sales and on roads! Minister of Power in his lunch presentation stated that  the policy might be expected soon but the former plan to only allow EV on roads changed into specific amount. The changing leaves several questions like will the targeted vision can be pursued?

Here GoGoA1 will help you out finding your business dream as well as using the new futuristic product itself.

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Electric Vehicle Mission : How GoGoA1 Thinks About It (Part 1)


Greetings from GoGoA1 Team 😉

It has been a while since our Minister of Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari stated in September 2017 that all vehicle should be driven electrically by 2030. This news might shock people all around India as the minister in his own saying will still pursue his ambitious vision whether or not they like it. The vision itself led many questions on how the electrical vehicle (EV) can be totally applied in India’s road, how many the charging stations should be there, how the ecosystem will be going on, the policy and all. While the minister implied that we do not need any specific policy for the status quo, the automakers are in their hesitation time whether or not to start investing on EV world. However some of them had already made plan to launch their EV – cars in late 2019 or mid quarter 2020. This had been confirmed by several automakers in India as foreign company had already put an investment for building a new plant expected in Bangalore, yet the remaining question for all of us, are we ready enough to accept the reality and face the future?


(credit picture : tesla, google)

Since the announcement of the 2030 vision, government right now are focusing on creating the ecosystem for future electric vehicle also making an U-turn to re-build the strategy over this. The plan to convert all current fuel-based-engine into electric ones by the decided year turns out to be more realistic by decreasing the former plan into 30% . This sounds making sense for both government and its people. The main considerations to change the plan are caused by its geographical problems to capability of the people buying the electric vehicle in the future. While the government itself is still fighting over poverty, and the same time building a new modern world era are suggested to be conflict issue. However the big vision still deserves a respect to the fact that government wants a sustainable country and modern people as well.

GoGoA1, as part of the people is profoundly support the government to achieve the vision. We see the reality and society of Indians as a whole to finally decide our position in the market. One of the problematic thing is found to be the price of EV itself. As soon as the automakers launch their EV in the market and yet to be the year of government’s vision, the sales can not be avoided whether or not it’s affordable. There would be a gap between people with their brand new EV and the one who can’t afford it while they still have to follow government rule of EV on roads! GoGoA1 comes in between the gap. GoGoA1 stands with the idea to create new future in affordable manner. Started the goal by making an electric bicycle conversion kit to car conversion kit in typical years, GoGoA1 helps people to commute in an easy way.

GOGoA1 provides the basic kit to full kit for bicycle and rickshaw. The only thing to do is just install the whole kit, and voila! Your vehicles are now in electrical mode. This simple products help people to commute faster than before and most prominently is affordable. As the OEM/ODM company, GoGoA1 truly understands what people needs. We create something and execute it into reality. In the future, people do not worry over the law and government vision for GoGoA1 will put on new innovation so that people can have their own EV without buying the new one.

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The Efficient Bike Scooter Umbrella


Greetings from GoGoA1 😉

In all previous posts, we have provided you many informations related to Electric Vehicle (EV) Industry which is growing significantly in India. Even though not all products are explained here yet but our team will keep providing you good knowledge of our products in the future.

Today we are going to explain this rare item in India. This ought to be one of the most innovative invention ever : Bike Scooter Umbrella!

Have you ever thought the easiest way to get rid of the rain while riding your bike/scooter? As the rain comes at a sudden, pulling out rain coat and covering the whole body will be such a burdening way. It takes time a lot, too. Considering this kind of experience, GoGoA1 came out with an idea to simplify any bikers problems. This bike scooter umbrella is designed to help riders find their journey awesome without thinking the rain or sunlight. Yes, this umbrella can be applied both in monsoon rain and summer season. Since having a rain coat during summer will be weird, GoGoA1’s umbrella will help your skin protected from the sun.


GoGoA1’s umbrella comes with variant of colour that will suit your personality. The material is stronger than normal umbrella we have at home, also the stick and stretcher are made from a high quality steel to ensure you that it won’t crack under heavy rain. It has a unique design which can be used both men and woman. In brief, this bike scooter umbrella won’t upset you anytime.

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This umbrella had caught people’s heart ever since its launching.


So, have you got this in your inventory?

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Magnesium Alloy (MAG) Wheel VS Spokes Wheels


Greetings from GoGoA1 team.

Many of you had asked which wheels better to run on your favorite cycle. Officially GoGoA1 has sold 2 types of wheels for any bicycles. They are MAG or so called magnesium alloy and spokes wheels. Both of them can be applied in our customize bicycle, but do you know that each wheel has its own benefit and purpose? Before you purchase for it, let’s learn how is the difference. Check this out!

1. Magnesium Alloy (MAG) Wheels

In the past post, we already explained the advantages of magnesium alloy wheels that you can read directly from here.

The magnesium alloy wheels are made of pure alloy which have undeniable benefit for making it light weighted and not corroded.


2. Spokes Wheels

This type of wheels are usually seen every where. Since the first bicycle founded, it had been popular ever. Spokes wheels are mainly called the normal wheels, has a different purpose to run the cycle. Commonly people choose this wheels over MAG (magnesium alloy) due to its wide range of usage.

6A9A0050.jpgHere is the main difference of MAG and spoke wheels as shown as the table below. :

MAG Wheel Spokes Wheel
Positive –      Light Weight

–      Quick Acceleration

–      Faster Stopping

–      Less Strain

–      Aesthetic

–      Doesn’t corrode

–      Tubeless applicable

–   Easily repaired

–   More Flexible

–   More Sturdy

–   Affordable

–   Applicable on any terrain

–   Durable

–   Air resistance

Negative –      Expensive

–      Break easily

–      Not suitable for mountain road, adventure, off road

–   Corrode

–   Doesn’t bend easily

–   Tubeless non applicable

So, after learning a bit of the wheels, have you decided which one you are going to use for your favorite bicycle?

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CFOSE Ludhiana 2018!

Hi everyone 😉

Greetings from GoGoA1 Team.

GoGoA1 had just participated in India’s biggest International Cycle Fitness & Sports Exhibition 2018 Ludhiana. The exhibition itself is held annually in Punjab Agricultural University. In this event, GoGoA1 had chance to launch the first and new Magnesium Alloy Hub Motor Conversion Kit to India’s public.

The kit is made from pure magnesium alloy which benefits are undeniable. It brings lesser strain and faster stopping. The acceleration is considerable quick. It doesn’t corrode and most importantly is light weighted.

GoGoA1’s magnesium alloy wheel hub motors come with vary colours : white blue, blue black, orange, gold black, white red, and red black. The wheels will never dissatisfy you as our engineer had designed it uniquely and aesthetically.


GoGoA1 put a rare and promising offer in this launching : Buy One Get One! Also publicly announced the opportunity to become part of the company as a dealership, associates, and employee. One of the main reason on why you should join us is you can create your own brand for your business 🙂


The event ran for 3 days only from February 23rd – 25th, as in the last day GoGoA1 had been rewarded as most innovative company of the year for The New Innovation Award 2018. Shrikant Sir, CEO of the company stated his word over this award, “I am glad for the hard work and dedication of my teams. I am also proud to be part of it!”




So, what are you waiting for having business tied with us?

GoGoA1 will always cordially welcome everyone to be part of the future!


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