Advantages of magnesium alloy wheels and the benefits you can get

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We already made an article about magnesium alloy and magnesium alloy wheels in general, so this is time to tell you about magnesium alloy wheel’s advantages and benefits. So, let’s begin our journey.

Magnesium wheels
Magnesium wheels


The average weight of the spoke wheel is 1.5 to 2 kg, while the weight of the magnesium alloy wheel is lighter – 1 to 1.5 kg (depending on the rim size).

  • What is the benefit for owners?

The low weight of the bicycle wheel makes it possible to gain speed faster while controlling the bike becomes much easier. It ensures safety and preservation of time for the driver.


MAG wheels are strong because of its low density (1, 74 g/cubic cm), so the MAG wheels capable of effectively absorbing vibrations and they have low deformation level.

  • What is the benefit for owners?

In view of the fact that it absorbs vibrations, the driver has a safe ride and feels comfortable with it. Moreover, he drives a bicycle without making great efforts.

In addition to the benefits that can be obtained while driving the bicycle, you can get one good option more –   long exploitation of the wheels, especially if it used on city roads.

4.Easier to care
Compare to spoke wheels, magnesium wheels are much easier to clean and polish.

  • What is the benefit for owners?

The driver gets clean, well-groomed wheels, putting with it less effort and time, saving it for other important things, for example, for reading blog 😉

4.Stylish appearance

Magnesium wheels have a modern and stylish appearance.

  • What is the benefit for owners?

The owner gets the opportunity to give personality to his bike, attract people’s attention and, of course, to receive compliments.

MAG Wheel
MAG Wheel

5.Corrosion protection

As we have already pointed out in the first part, pure magnesium alloy without other metal impurities does not cope well with corrosion, but mixed in alloy with other metals, which act as protectors, it becomes corrosion resistant.

We collected all your questions and fears about MAG Wheel and here we are giving you answers to the most popular ones.

1.Cracking/Snapping point and for what types of bicycles is it suitable?

Magnesium alloy is strong and slightly susceptible to deformation. MAG wheels are excellent for bicycles, mountain bikes; it is actively used by professional cyclists, but it’s not adapted to extreme conditions.

2.Repair possibility

Magnesium wheels can be repaired, just it will take more time than repairing spoke wheels.


In comparison with usual bicycle wheels, the cost of magnesium ones is a little bit higher, but it is justified by the materials used and the advantages that magnesium alloy wheels give to the owner.

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