Looking for quality magnesium alloy wheels? So 26 inch ULTRA ROVER MAG Wheels are the perfect choice for you

In previous posts, we gave you information about magnesium alloy wheels in general. Now we will make short review of our ULTRA ROVER 26 inch magnesium alloy wheels.

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The first thing that you should check before buying a product is its quality. While some companies use secondary and recycled materials in the manufacturing of MAG wheels, we produce it from 100 % pure and pristine AZ91D magnesium alloy that means that we use new materials for our 26-inch wheels so it provides greater durability and extends the exploitation time of our product.

ULTA ROVER MAG wheels are strong because it’s made of a quality magnesium alloy. This product has a complex structure, the mold in the upper and lower left and right direction each has a side slider. Between the product features, parts of the original have small-rounded corners, which is not conducive to the formation of parts what gives it an additional advantage.

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As we have already pointed out in previous articles, magnesium wheels are light and its weight depends on the size of the wheel. The weight of 26-inch MAG wheel is 1450 g, wall thickness – 4,4 mm, contour size- 99mm х 93 mm x 60 mm and wheel diameter is ¢ 571.5mm. Because it is light, it provides good safety and maneuverability to a driver.

In the end of production, the wheels are covered by paint, so that they look attractive and modern. We provide the wheels in different colors and design so dealers or customers can choose the most suitable one.

There are some examples of how magnesium wheels can change an appearance of the bicycles and make them look  modern and cool:

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To get more details or purchase it, please, go to our website: www.GoGoA1.com.

Still is not confident in magnesium alloy wheels? Read our previous articles about the magnesium wheels or write your question in comments and our team will answer on it.

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