How to choose bicycle type

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It’s time for our new post where we will help you to understand the difference between different bicycles types.

So, let’s define the most popular types of bicycles and descry the difference.

Every person who does not know a lot about bicycles faces with that problem- ” how to choose the most suitable bicycle for me”

There are different types of bicycles that are suitable for different types of terrains, landscape and riding style.

Mountain bicycle /MTB

In many reasons, nowadays MTB  is the most popular type of bicycle among riders. The construction of it is different from a usual bicycle.It includes frame and fork suspension system that used to suspend the rider and the bicycle in order to insulate them from the roughness of the terrain.

That bicycle is good for riding in forests and is suitable for different landscapes and especially for that, it has larger knobby tires, more durable heavy duty wheels, and more powerful brakes. Moreover, MTB has different varieties of gears and the number of it depends on your requirements and ride style. If you ride on the road and the hardest thing to overcome is a small over bridge, then you do not require 21 or 10 ratios, but if you want mountain bicycle or you want to ride on the different kind of roads and landscapes than 21 gears are a great feature.

According to the type of suspension, mountain bikes also divides into front suspension bicycles (hardtails) and full-suspension bicycles which have front and rear suspension system.

Good сontrollability and maneuverability with bigger tire pattern allow rider feel comfortable in technical tracks.

Mountain bikes are a perfect choice for a person who wants to get a bicycle that will allow him to overcome hard terrains and to feel comfortable at the same time or to participate in cycling marathons and other events.

As an example of MTB you can see our BEHEE bicycle:

MTB example
Mountain bicycle example


City bikes are a good choice for everyday cycling walks on the streets of the city, but do not underestimate it only because of its name – yes, it’s not fit for mountains, hills, and hard terrains but still, it won’t disappoint a rider on some not really hard forest roads.

City bikes have better rolling on the roads and have standard equipment: head lights, luggage rack (what is quite comfortable if you want to go for a walk or to buy something), bicycle stand, fenders and chain guard.

The number of gears could be different – from 1 to 28,

It has typically 1 to 27 gears, and prices on that bicycle depend on its equipment and quality.

City bicycle example
foldable city bicycle


The hybrid bike is quite a convenient type of bicycle. Because it is versatile bicycle it has a lot of supporters. Without favoring one terrain over another, it provides a comfortable ride on the roads as well as in the forests.

Usually, this type of bike has 21 to 27 speeds and 28-inch wheels.

Due to the fact that this bicycle is a hybrid, it allows to the owner to install different types of equipment (such as luggage rack, bell and etc.)  that makes it suitable for cycling tours also.

Hybrid bikes has larger wheel diameter that is why it provides high speeds and lower rolling resistance to the rider.


As it already has mentioned in the name of that bicycle type, road bicycle made ONLY for riding on the roads. That bicycles are light, have high speed and an aerodynamic riding position.

Compare to another type of bicycles, the road bike is not as comfortable as them, but you should understand that it was created for speed. For feeling more comfortable you need to get right position on it: check your knees – it shouldn’t be locked and then move your saddle forward or back to find out the most comfortable position.

In case if you want to buy road bicycle you also should buy a helmet and use it every time when you going for cycling.

Road bike
Road bicycle example

That time we tried to help you to understand the difference.In next post, we will explain you those bicycle features to which you should pay attention.

Here’s to your prosperity, team

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