How to get quality bicycle or the features you should pay attention to

In the previous post, we told you about different bicycles types, now it’s time to prompt you about bicycle features that you should pay attention to when you will look for the bicycle.


The process of choosing a bicycle should be started with the selection of the frame.

a. Steel is attractive due to its reliability, ease of processing and repair and relative cheapness.
-Reduces vibrations and mitigate impacts.
-The consequence of softness is the bending of this frame; it behaves very well at bends.
-Strength, reliability, durability, any welder will be able to weld it.

The main disadvantage of steel is its weight – in comparison with alloy frames, it’s heavier.

b.Aluminum alloy: aluminum is not used in its pure, because it is too soft, so it means alloys mixed with other metals.

The cost of the aluminum alloy will be higher, but it is lighter and gives you more advantages:
– Is not corroded, as it is oxidized by contact with oxygen.
-The acceleration is faster due to the rigidity of the frames.

2.Welding seam
Good quality bicycles, even not expensive one, should not have great bumps on the frame, also the bicycle parts must be firmly connected with each other.

3.Gears shifter
There are 2 options, the choice of which depends entirely on your own comfort.

  1. Grip shifter – which you need to rotate around the steering wheel handle to increase or decrease the speed;
  2. Trigger shifter – which can be switched by pressing the finger on it. It all depends on personal convenience, and to make sure that it’s option suitable for you – take a test drive and check.

If you plan to use your bicycle very active on the different landscapes and terrains, it’s always a good idea to check the number of speeds. Usually, the range is from 18 to 30 gears. The more is speed ratio, the fewer efforts you’ll put to ride.

4.The feature that probably can save your life is a brake system and there are two kinds of it:

a. V-brakes – are a side-pull version of cantilever brakes and mount on the same frame bosses.
The disadvantage of the V-brakes is that they are pressed to the rim and if it will bend, the braking system will be worse, besides the V-brakes require constant tweaking. If you broke the wheel cable and need to replace the wheel, you need to spin the V-brakes and to tell you frankly it takes a lot of effort and time.

b. Disc brakes are more reliable and safe type, and at the same time more costly, but we are sure you’ll agree that personal safety is not a good thing to save money on.

The disc brakes also divide into two categories:
a.Mechanical – lower cost, lower maintenance, and lighter system weight.
b.Hydraulic (or cable-actuated) – reaction is faster, so you need to put fewer efforts to stop your bicycle, what will be a great feature in any unexpected situation on the road: it’s easier to stop with less hand effort; they grab better when wet; can be allowed to heat up to a much higher temperature without any risk of blowing a tire off a rim, and they do not wear out the rim.


It’s not easy to choose a saddle – many people think that wide and soft saddle is the most comfortable option, but it’s not really true – it depends on the riding style.

For example, for the fast sporty riding slim saddles are the best option, because they reduce the risk of scuffs.

6.Wheels set

Riding style also defines the size and the material of the wheels. Not so long time ago in the market there where wheels for bicycles that are made of magnesium alloy (you can get information about magnesium wheels in previous articles).

The magnesium alloy wheels features are lightweight (1 to 1.5 kg, depends on the rim size), it’s strong because of low density (1, 74 g/cubic cm) and capable of effectively absorbing vibrations. Moreover, it has corrosion protection and it is much easier to clean and polish it.

Spoke wheels:
   The greater the number of spokes, the better strength the wheel gets. And, also, spokes can always be replaced individually and rider can then keep going further for as long as you want.

Therefore, team just told you on which bicycles features you should pay attention in the process of choosing it, hope it will be useful for you.

We also want to underline one point: DO NOT choose bicycle only because of its appearance or color schemes – bicycle is used to move you from one place to another and ONLY cool color scheme won’t increase your bicycles capacities and won’t protect you on the road.

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Here’s to your prosperity, team


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