Electric bicycle advantages and disadvantages

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There are many people who like cycling, traveling and active lifestyle, and still afraid or confused about electric bicycles.

Today we are here to help you to know a little bit more about the electric bicycles, and to tell you about its advantages and disadvantages is our priority.

So let’s start to introduce e-bikes to you.

The electric bicycle is the bicycle that has an electric motor, which makes your bicycle moves. The power of the motor can be 150 to 1000 W. Maximum speed of the electric bicycle is 25 to 50 km/h. The weight of the e-bike depends on bicycle type and its construction, o it can reach 40 to 70 kg.

Nowadays the electric bicycles become popular especially among people who live in urban cities.

What are the advantages that you can get from e-bike?

  • A quick way to reach a place and save time due to the presence of the motor. Allows old people and not prepared physically persons to cover long distances without pedaling.
  • Easy to charge – you can charge it from any power socket
  • 2 bicycles in one – you can ride by pedaling or in electric mode with the help of the motor
  • Compact in size and do not require large expenses in comparison with a car
  • No need to waste time in traffic jams
  • Ride fast without driver license
  • In case of low battery level, you can switch to pedaling mode
  • High mobility level – overcome off-road terrains, dirt, and snow. It also reduces effort. You do not get tired because of motor and sweating is also reduced, therefore, you can leave home in your work suit and do not have to spend time dressing in the office.
  • Economical feature. You pay only for few kilowatts per month for charging the battery. They do not go to any comparison with the cost of gasoline, like a motorcycle or scooter.

Disadvantages of the e-bike usage:

  • High cost in comparison with usual bicycle
  • High weight makes e-bike storage not an easy thing

The electric bicycle is an eco-friendly vehicle that makes you transportation comfortable and enjoyable with small expenses on its exploitation. You can use it to go to work, for shopping or for usual cycling.

Interested in electric bicycle or in converting your existing bicycle into the electric one, click the link.

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