3 Things You Should Consider Before Buying An Electric Bicycle (Part 1)


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In a previous post, we had talked about the advantages and disadvantages of Electric Bicycle. We all agree that Electric Bicycle has more positive things and be worthy enough to purchase. Today we are going to explain more what specifications are there to help you consider before spending your money. Let’s check it out!

Nowadays Electric Bicycle has reached the heart of people specifically Indians as we already know its advantages compare to non-electric ones [read the post here], but do we all know what it is exactly? How does it run on electrical driven?

Electric Bicycle (e-bikes) is bicycle with an integrated electric motor to reduce human power while riding the cycle . It will help reducing 30% human effort up to 100% (effortless) depends on choice. There few types of Electric Bicycle in the market. Most of them are ready-to-use or installed cycle, which we can directly ride on it as we purchased and non-electric cycle, which we can convert with electric conversion kit. E bike has 3 main parts that attached on it in order to give electric-driven cycle.

1. Motor

In an e bikes, the motor plays an important roles to give a different result. However this can be customized with the specification of each motor, the outcome still be not the same and satisfying. The motors can be hub motor and mid drive motor. Our bicycles use Brushless DC (BLDC) motor in rear wheels [see the full post of BLDC motor here]. In other hand, mid drive motor can be BLDC or PMDC (Permanent Magnet DC).

Hub motor is often preferred as a driven in an e bike due to its easiness to only pull throttle when we are going to ride in electric mode. This kind of motor are widely used in the market right now. It can be installed in the front or rear wheels, while most of e bikes put in on the latter. GoGoA1 Solomo black mag

The advantages of rear hub motor are users will get pushing effect instead of pulling. It is considered safer when a rider tries to make sudden stop. While the front hub will pull a rider out from the cycle. Besides hub motor is affordable enough compare to mid drive. It gives a best output for an e bike beginner out of there.

2. Battery

First generation of e bikes used Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery with mid to high power on it. As technologies development, this kind of battery is replaced by Lithium Ion/Polymer. The latter is bringing new technologies

Next part, we are going to explain more the second and third important things on an Electric Bicycle. Just follow this blog and stay tuned 😉

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