3 Thing You Should Consider Before Buying An Electric Bicycle (Part 2)

Greetings from GoGoA1 team!

We had talked about the main 3 things you should consider before buying an electric bicycle on part 1. Are curious enough to read the second part? Here we go!

2. Battery
First generation of e bikes used Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery with mid to high power on it. As technologies develop, this kind of battery is replaced by Lithium Ion/Polymer. The Lead Acid battery had also been used in submarine, solar energy storage, and automotive and traction industry before. It has advantages for its robust, tolerant of overcharging, and deliver high current. It also less costly. However it only has short life span, it’s slow and inefficient charging.

6-Dzm-20-Lead-Acid-Storgae-Battery-for-Motorcycle-Electric-Rickshaw-Electric-ScooterLead Acid Battery


While The Lithium Ion battery has more advantages compare to former battery.

  • It is fast charging with efficiency near 100% even when discharge
  • The weight is lighter, more than half lesser of Lead Acid
  • Long life cycle around 5000 times compared to 400-500 cycles in Lead Acid
  • Environment friendly

Despite its cost is pricey, but it gives more benefits for any application.


Lithium Ion Battery

Due to the facts that Lithium Ion Battery has taken over the place for decades and its superior specifications, GoGoA1.com had already set the plan to provide electric conversion kit with Lithium Battery on it. Also all electric bicycle under GoGoA1.com company are installed with the same battery. Furthermore, we still can find the application of Lead Acid battery on electric bicycle in the market. The mid drive cycle can be installed with either Lithium Ion or Lead Acid depends on customer choice.


3. Controller

Basically the controller can be pedal based and throttle based. The former means that the electric power will be activated when pedaling. Once the button is turned on, you can feel the electric force by only pedaling just like the way people cycling. It comes naturally. While the other hand, throttle based controller is way different. The source is in a throttle. Once the button is turned on, you can only pull the throttle to get the electric force. No need pedaling. It is suitable to ride on road as there is no particular effort to push the pedal.


BLDC Controller


213PMDC Controller

The above throttle-based controllers are used depending on the kind of motor. BLDC controller is used for 3-phase BLDC Hub Motor while PMDC controller is used for single phase PMDC Motor.

So now you know what things to consider before purchasing your first Electric Bicycle.

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Here’s to your prosperity,

GoGoA1.com Team

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