Magnesium Alloy (MAG) Wheel VS Spokes Wheels


Greetings from GoGoA1 team.

Many of you had asked which wheels better to run on your favorite cycle. Officially GoGoA1 has sold 2 types of wheels for any bicycles. They are MAG or so called magnesium alloy and spokes wheels. Both of them can be applied in our customize bicycle, but do you know that each wheel has its own benefit and purpose? Before you purchase for it, let’s learn how is the difference. Check this out!

1. Magnesium Alloy (MAG) Wheels

In the past post, we already explained the advantages of magnesium alloy wheels that you can read directly from here.

The magnesium alloy wheels are made of pure alloy which have undeniable benefit for making it light weighted and not corroded.


2. Spokes Wheels

This type of wheels are usually seen every where. Since the first bicycle founded, it had been popular ever. Spokes wheels are mainly called the normal wheels, has a different purpose to run the cycle. Commonly people choose this wheels over MAG (magnesium alloy) due to its wide range of usage.

6A9A0050.jpgHere is the main difference of MAG and spoke wheels as shown as the table below. :

MAG Wheel Spokes Wheel
Positive –      Light Weight

–      Quick Acceleration

–      Faster Stopping

–      Less Strain

–      Aesthetic

–      Doesn’t corrode

–      Tubeless applicable

–   Easily repaired

–   More Flexible

–   More Sturdy

–   Affordable

–   Applicable on any terrain

–   Durable

–   Air resistance

Negative –      Expensive

–      Break easily

–      Not suitable for mountain road, adventure, off road

–   Corrode

–   Doesn’t bend easily

–   Tubeless non applicable

So, after learning a bit of the wheels, have you decided which one you are going to use for your favorite bicycle?

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Here is to your prosperity,

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