Electric Vehicle Mission : How GoGoA1 Thinks About It (Part 2)


Greetings from GoGoA1 Team 😉

On the previous post we have shared company’s thought about the new vision and future rules of government to have only Electric Vehicle (EV) on roads. GoGoA1 is standing out in between the gap of future transformation. In the earlier years, GoGoA1 had launched the first electric conversion kit for bicycle and rickshaw also provided its components that was proven to be beneficial for mostly engineering student in their final year to make a project. Since ever the announcement of 2030 vision, GoGoA1 is currently working on electric car conversion kit that expect to be launched in a short time.

Just a month after the controversy statement from Minister of transportation and Highways, Nitin Gadkari about the policy of Electric Vehicle (EV), a new vision is set by decreasing the percentage of EV sales and on roads! Minister of Power in his lunch presentation stated that  the policy might be expected soon but the former plan to only allow EV on roads changed into specific amount. The changing leaves several questions like will the targeted vision can be pursued?

Here GoGoA1 will help you out finding your business dream as well as using the new futuristic product itself.

For more information of products, please go to our website GoGoA1 and facebook page.

Here is to your prosperity,



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