The Difference of Speed and Fixed Geared Cycle


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Today we are going to discuss about speed gears on bicycle!

So what is exactly speed gear? Have you ever heard about 21 gears, 27 gears, and no gears whenever you want to purchase your first bicycle? Do not get a mistake by buying the wrong one for your needs. Here you can learn what it is before going to bicycle shop!

Basically the gears are the important tool on each geared bicycle to make your riding experience easier and more flexible. The gear itself can be divided into 2 parts, left handle gear and  right handle gear. The former has numbering 1 2 3 while the latter used to have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 written there. The left gears represent the ring chain near the paddle are used to shift down and the right ones represent the rear ring.

What is the purpose for each gear?

Many sport bicycle including mountain bicycle use gear as part of it. However some bikes does not have any, for instance the city/road bikes. The gear itself help rider to adjust their mobility for example when the rider meets an uphill road and it feels very hard to pedal then shift down the gear to make it easier. The same concept applies on down hill, it gets easier and no need to use pedal but when the rider wants to have a little bit cycling then shift up the gear. That’s it.

So what is the function on each handle gear shiftier?

Each handle brings its purpose.

Left handle, consist of 3 number gears 1 2 3. Number 1 is the smallest gear while number 3 is the opposite. The location of these rings are near the paddle. It will move onto different rings whenever the rider shifts it.

Right handle, consist of several number depends on the type of the bicycle itself. Some bicycles have 21, 27, 30, or 33 gears. Each number has meaning, for example 21 gears will have 7 rings in the rear wheels. Opposite to the left handle gears, the number written on the right one depends on how many gears the bicycle has. Number 1 is the biggest gear while number 7 is the smallest one.




The above picture shown the 7 gears on a rear wheel (left picture) and 3 gears on paddle (right picture).

What is the best gear adjustment?

There is no such thing because it truly depends on the rider on how he/she feels comfortable while riding a bike. However some riders used to specific gears in common while cycling on a particular terrain. For instance put the left handle gear on 3 and right gear on 1 to fastest experience. If you feel uneasy cycling uphill then adjust the gear into 2 on the left and 3/4 on the right.

How about the non geared/fixed geared cycle?

Non geared or so called single geared cycle means it has no gear adjustment in a particular bicycle. This usually applies on city/road bike in which you don’t need to shift any gear. However this is not literally gear less ;D. It has the gear but already set on specific number. Suppose we have the geared cycle and want to ride it like fixed gear, we can number it 3 on left and 1 on right. However in a fixed geared cycle, there is no gear adjustment and number on it due to the stability of the terrain.

So how is the information? It is clear enough, isn’t it?

In, we provide both kind of bicycles the gear ones and fixed gear. Which one is your favorite? Don’t forget to visit our page in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and subscribe us on YouTube. See you there!


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