Bicycle History (Part 1)


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Today we are going to explain all of you on how a bicycle is made. Interesting, isn’t it?

First of all, what is the history of a bicycle itself?

Bicycle was firstly envisioned by Leonardo da Vinci back in the 1490 yet his sketch was not found until 1960. In the 1700 a man from France, Giacomo Caprotti made a wooden 2-wheeler for an exhibition but it was only 2 wheels with a long saddle to lean without any hand steering.

In the 19th Century.

In 1817 a German named Karl von Drais invented the 2-wheel and steerable draisine. It is a human propelled kart which suppose a man rode this, he used his leg to run the draisine that later was called velocipede.


A Draisine (credit: google)

The velocipede then became popular in London but only lasted for a year. However the design of this type had been a pioneer of future vehicle.

Around 1839 Kirk Patrick Mac Millan, a Scottish built a new design of velocipede with mechanical driven in the crank later claimed by his nephew however the stated could not be verified. In 1860 a French, Pierre Michaux invented the first velocipede with pedal on its front wheels and connected with the rear wheel with the former size is bigger than the latter. Thus it was believed that Michaux was actually invented the first bicycle.


A Pierre Michaux First Pedal Velocipede (credit: google)

Then in the year of 1869 Thomas McCall re new the pedal velocipede which were inspired by Michaux.

After the invention of Michaux first pedal velocipede, people start producing the same vehicle but in United States the name was changed into Bone-Shaker while in France they still use word velocipede for the common 2 wheeler. In 1870 another invention of bicycle was found by a French Eugene Meyer who later regarded as the father of high wheel cycle. The invention was mainly focused on the wheel and speed. It was called as penny-farthing. The penny refers to the front wheel while farthing is the rear wheel. The penny-farthing was really fast but unsafe. A rider might experience severe injure from falling down from the cycle, thus it was not considered as a normal commuter due to high risky.



A penny farthing (source: google)

So here is a brief explanation about the history of bicycle part 1. We will give you the second part in the next post 😉

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