History of Bicycle (Part 2)


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In previous post, we had explain about the history of bicycle (part 1). The story was started long before 19th century when a France man invented a 2-wheeler without hand steering. That invention was a pioneer to today’s bicycle. Now we are going to continue explaining the after 19th century development. So check it out!

The 20th century.

The bicycle was known as roadster and early in the 20th century, the developing of ladies version of roadster was highly done. The frame for ladies version was differ compare to the previous one. It had smaller shaped and light material.

In 1900, a derailleur was invented as the first speed bicycle then the innovation kept growing until the World War II. All people in military used the speed bicycle and the multi speed bicycle was developed during that era.

In another side of the world, China might be the first country to sell billion bicycle with their Flying Pigeon. The type of bicycle was vary and more modern compare to the one in market. Not long afterwards, many manufacturers were copying the Flying Pigeon and the country was widely known as The Kingdom of Bicycle. Even though the production was on high rate, people still had to go in waiting list for several years to get one bicycle.

The 21st century.

In this era, bicycle is widely developed any where. The bicycle frame is getting lighter and more aerodynamic


The electric bicycle is mainly produced as it becomes one of choice to commute. The improvement including the frame and battery type. The old electric bicycle was supported by Lead Acid battery. Due to its cheap cost also the material is heavy, people started moving on Lithium Ion Battery.

Recumbent Bicycle


The newest and modern bicycle for those who wants flexibility while cycling.

So here is the history of bicycle from 19th century until today. Do not forget to subscribe our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook to get more update of our products!

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