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So today GoGoA1.com team prepared answers on the questions that people usually ask about our products. This post will give you more information about our products in general and if it won’t be enough you can contact us anytime and do not afraid to ask the questions. We are here to help you;)

1.Can I travel with my electric vehicle? What about transportation of Li-ION Battery?

Some mass transportation providers have specific regulations regarding travel with electric vehicles. Some providers treat them as baggage or an assistive device, others do not.

In general, the lithium-ion batteries are considered hazardous material and are not allowed on commercial passenger airlines. Still, you can ship your EV anywhere by ground.

Check with your local transit provider for more information before your journey.

2.Can I use my EV in the rain?

You can use our electric-bikes in rains because its motor has IP54 protection. The IP stands for ingress protection and means its ability to stand in extreme weather condition. IP54 represents that the equipment will operate in dusty conditions, and will resist splashing water.

GoGoSegways and GoGohoverboards are not designed for exploitation in water so you cannot use it in rains.

3.Do GoGoSegway, GoGohoverboards and e-bicycles have weight limits?

For a rider safety and for reducing the risk of vehicles damage, our products have weight limitations. Minimum weight of GoGoSegway and GoGoHoverboard rider should not be less than 20kg, and the maximum weight should not be more than 210 kg.

4.How to balance GoGoSegway and GoGohoverboard?

The smart system of that self-balancing electric vehicle understands the human body and the way how it copes with the system, so that is the way how self-balancing scooters work.  It balances the rider by applying forces to the ground in the direction of the lean.

So to accelerate that vehicle you need lean forward and to stop – take a straight position.

If you ride GoGoSegway -for turning on the left it on the right – just turn handlebar to the right direction.

If you ride GoGoHoverboars – for turning on the left it on the right – press down slightly with the front of your right foot if you want to turn left and do the same with your left foot if you want to turn right.

5.How can I become an Authorized GoGoA1.com dealer or distributor?

We provide people with an opportunity to do business in electric vehicle industry as OEM&ODM and supplier&component supplier, stockiest and virtual franchising. For more details, please, contact us through sales@gogoa1.com.

6.BLDC and PMDC difference

BLDC Motors combines best features of alternating current and direct current motors. It determines advantages of BLDC motors:
a.There are no brushes and physical commutator in BLDC Motor, so its’ construction becomes more compact and lighter.
b.Commutations losses and energy consumption reduce because instead of a commutator and brushes BLDC motor uses an electronic controller to create a rotate that will transform electrical energy into mechanical.
c.BLDCM construction allows you to exploit those motors in water, aggressive and explosive environment.
d.Have high-energy datum. Its’ efficiency is more than 80-90%.
e.Have a wide range of change rotational frequency.
f.Have long service life and high reliability due to the absence of sliding electrical contacts.
2.Permanent magnet DC motor works on the same principle as normal DC motors, i.e. when communicator goes into magnet field it produces force.
a.No input power to consume for if field excitation which improves DC motors’ efficiency.
b.Smaller in size because of lack of field coil.
c.Cost advantage. Using of PMDC reduces manufacturing cost, also PMDC are cheap in cost.
d.Low-voltage PMDC motors produce less air noise.
e.When you need high starting and acceleration torque, predictable motor speed properties, compact size, and energy efficiency, permanent magnet DC motors may be the solution.

7.How to fit an electric conversion kit?

Motor – it depends on the type of wheel. It is easy to fit Magnesium wheel hub– all you need is to replace your back wheel with the magnesium hub motor wheel.

For fitting spoke wheels bicycle with a hub motor, you have to remove spokes from the wheel, place the motor and then put the spokes back.

Controller and Battery box placing fully depends on your personal preferences.

If you want to get information about connections, please, watch out video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3HsbNOX2tk

Not enough of information? Click therethere to get more 😉

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BLDC Motor Basics.Part 2

Greetings from GoGoA1.com team!

In the 1st part of our BLDC Motor Basics post we promised you to provide information about the BLDC motor principle of work,  about improving the performance of it and the BLDC motor types. We appreciate our readers and we keep our promises, so here it is – read, learn and enjoy 😉

Working principle: basic interaction between a permanent magnet(rotor) and an electromagnet(stator).

For simplicity,

Consider three stator coil winding arrangements A, B and C.
When coil A is given a dc supply, it gets energized and becomes an electromagnet.

The opposite pole of the rotor gets attracted to the stator(opposite poles attract). As a result, the rotor pole moves near the energized stator.

As the rotor nears the coil A, coil B of the stator is energized. Similarly, as the rotor nears coil B, coil C is energized. After that, coil A is energized with opposite polarity.

This process is repeated, and the rotor continues to rotate.

Improving the performance of the BLDC motor:

Problem –  as seen above, only one coil is energized at an instant. The 2 inactive coils greatly reduce the power output of the motor.

In order to avoid that, energize coil B with the same polarity as coil A, when the rotor is in the position with coil A.

In this way, the combined effect will push the rotor and produce more torque and power output from the motor. The combined force also makes sure that a BLDC has a beautiful, constant torque nature.

To energize the 2 coils at the same time, the free ends of the coils are connected together.

Electronic controller unit:

An ECU is used in a BLDC motor to determine the position of the rotor and to energize the coils accordingly.

The Hall-effect sensor is used to sense the position of the rotor.

This sensor gives information to the controller, which energizes the stator coils accordingly.

Types of BLDC Motor:


In the Out-Runner type, the magnets are placed on the outside of the stator, as shown in the fig. below.

Compared to the in-runner type bldc motor, the out-runner has more mechanical advantages.It has comparatively more torque.

Comparatively, It can swing heavier props.

 2. In-Runner:

In the In-Runner type of motor, the magnets are placed on the inside of the stator, as shown in the fig. below.

Comparatively, it runs on high RMP.

Inrunner and Outrunner BLDC types of motor
BLDC Motor types


Advantages of a BLDC motor:

  • Better speed v/s torque characteristics
  • High dynamic response
  • High efficiency
  • Long operating life due to lack of electrical and frictional losses
  • Noiseless operation
  • Higher speed ranges

Applications of BLDC Motor:

  • Transportation
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Industrial engineering
  • Model engineering

So now you know basic motor information – we created it in short form so anytime when you’ll forget something it’ll be easy for you to open our post and check it.

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