Electric bicycle advantages and disadvantages

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There are many people who like cycling, traveling and active lifestyle, and still afraid or confused about electric bicycles.

Today we are here to help you to know a little bit more about the electric bicycles, and to tell you about its advantages and disadvantages is our priority.

So let’s start to introduce e-bikes to you.

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36V 250 W GoGoA1 Magnesium alloy hub motor conversion kit full review

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Last time we got a lot of questions about our Magnesium alloy wheel hub motor conversion kit, so today we are here to tell you every detail about it.This full conversion kit will provide you with an ability to transform your existing bicycle into the electric one.

Magnesium alloy wheel hub motor kit.

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10 reasons why you should buy your bicycle at GoGoA1.com

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Today we decide to tell you what services we offer when we offer our bicycles 😉

As we work on both B2B and B2C markets, so we’ll describe our services in 2 groups. Check it faster!

For our B2C customers:

  1. GoGoA1.com uses only quality materials for manufacturing our products. We produce bicycles with a high carbon steel or an aluminum frame and with magnesium alloy or spoke wheels.

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How to choose bicycle type

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It’s time for our new post where we will help you to understand the difference between different bicycles types.

So, let’s define the most popular types of bicycles and descry the difference.

Every person who does not know a lot about bicycles faces with that problem- ” how to choose the most suitable bicycle for me”

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Looking for quality magnesium alloy wheels? So 26 inch ULTRA ROVER MAG Wheels are the perfect choice for you

In previous posts, we gave you information about magnesium alloy wheels in general. Now we will make short review of our ULTRA ROVER 26 inch magnesium alloy wheels.

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Magnesium alloy – new bicycle wheels reality

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Our first post will be of magnesium alloy wheels. In recent years, magnesium alloy has attracted wide attention from all over the world, as the most promising lightweight material for key researchers, and developed a series of technology to promote the magnesium alloy in the transport, aerospace and defense industry applications. Despite this, many people are still not aware or are confused about bicycle wheels that are made of magnesium alloy.GoGoA1.com wants to conduct an educational program and to give answers on all of the existing questions about magnesium alloy and wheels.

So let’s think what magnesium alloy is and why that material is excellent for bicycle wheels?

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