Electric Vehicle Mission : How GoGoA1 Thinks About It (Part 1)


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It has been a while since our Minister of Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari stated in September 2017 that all vehicle should be driven electrically by 2030. This news might shock people all around India as the minister in his own saying will still pursue his ambitious vision whether or not they like it. The vision itself led many questions on how the electrical vehicle (EV) can be totally applied in India’s road, how many the charging stations should be there, how the ecosystem will be going on, the policy and all. While the minister implied that we do not need any specific policy for the status quo, the automakers are in their hesitation time whether or not to start investing on EV world. However some of them had already made plan to launch their EV – cars in late 2019 or mid quarter 2020. This had been confirmed by several automakers in India as foreign company had already put an investment for building a new plant expected in Bangalore, yet the remaining question for all of us, are we ready enough to accept the reality and face the future?


(credit picture : tesla, google)

Since the announcement of the 2030 vision, government right now are focusing on creating the ecosystem for future electric vehicle also making an U-turn to re-build the strategy over this. The plan to convert all current fuel-based-engine into electric ones by the decided year turns out to be more realistic by decreasing the former plan into 30% . This sounds making sense for both government and its people. The main considerations to change the plan are caused by its geographical problems to capability of the people buying the electric vehicle in the future. While the government itself is still fighting over poverty, and the same time building a new modern world era are suggested to be conflict issue. However the big vision still deserves a respect to the fact that government wants a sustainable country and modern people as well.

GoGoA1, as part of the people is profoundly support the government to achieve the vision. We see the reality and society of Indians as a whole to finally decide our position in the market. One of the problematic thing is found to be the price of EV itself. As soon as the automakers launch their EV in the market and yet to be the year of government’s vision, the sales can not be avoided whether or not it’s affordable. There would be a gap between people with their brand new EV and the one who can’t afford it while they still have to follow government rule of EV on roads! GoGoA1 comes in between the gap. GoGoA1 stands with the idea to create new future in affordable manner. Started the goal by making an electric bicycle conversion kit to car conversion kit in typical years, GoGoA1 helps people to commute in an easy way.

GOGoA1 provides the basic kit to full kit for bicycle and rickshaw. The only thing to do is just install the whole kit, and voila! Your vehicles are now in electrical mode. This simple products help people to commute faster than before and most prominently is affordable. As the OEM/ODM company, GoGoA1 truly understands what people needs. We create something and execute it into reality. In the future, people do not worry over the law and government vision for GoGoA1 will put on new innovation so that people can have their own EV without buying the new one.

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Electric bicycle advantages and disadvantages

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There are many people who like cycling, traveling and active lifestyle, and still afraid or confused about electric bicycles.

Today we are here to help you to know a little bit more about the electric bicycles, and to tell you about its advantages and disadvantages is our priority.

So let’s start to introduce e-bikes to you.

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GoGoA1.com clients common questions about products

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So today GoGoA1.com team prepared answers on the questions that people usually ask about our products. This post will give you more information about our products in general and if it won’t be enough you can contact us anytime and do not afraid to ask the questions. We are here to help you;)

1.Can I travel with my electric vehicle? What about transportation of Li-ION Battery?

Some mass transportation providers have specific regulations regarding travel with electric vehicles. Some providers treat them as baggage or an assistive device, others do not.

In general, the lithium-ion batteries are considered hazardous material and are not allowed on commercial passenger airlines. Still, you can ship your EV anywhere by ground.

Check with your local transit provider for more information before your journey.

2.Can I use my EV in the rain?

You can use our electric-bikes in rains because its motor has IP54 protection. The IP stands for ingress protection and means its ability to stand in extreme weather condition. IP54 represents that the equipment will operate in dusty conditions, and will resist splashing water.

GoGoSegways and GoGohoverboards are not designed for exploitation in water so you cannot use it in rains.

3.Do GoGoSegway, GoGohoverboards and e-bicycles have weight limits?

For a rider safety and for reducing the risk of vehicles damage, our products have weight limitations. Minimum weight of GoGoSegway and GoGoHoverboard rider should not be less than 20kg, and the maximum weight should not be more than 210 kg.

4.How to balance GoGoSegway and GoGohoverboard?

The smart system of that self-balancing electric vehicle understands the human body and the way how it copes with the system, so that is the way how self-balancing scooters work.  It balances the rider by applying forces to the ground in the direction of the lean.

So to accelerate that vehicle you need lean forward and to stop – take a straight position.

If you ride GoGoSegway -for turning on the left it on the right – just turn handlebar to the right direction.

If you ride GoGoHoverboars – for turning on the left it on the right – press down slightly with the front of your right foot if you want to turn left and do the same with your left foot if you want to turn right.

5.How can I become an Authorized GoGoA1.com dealer or distributor?

We provide people with an opportunity to do business in electric vehicle industry as OEM&ODM and supplier&component supplier, stockiest and virtual franchising. For more details, please, contact us through sales@gogoa1.com.

6.BLDC and PMDC difference

BLDC Motors combines best features of alternating current and direct current motors. It determines advantages of BLDC motors:
a.There are no brushes and physical commutator in BLDC Motor, so its’ construction becomes more compact and lighter.
b.Commutations losses and energy consumption reduce because instead of a commutator and brushes BLDC motor uses an electronic controller to create a rotate that will transform electrical energy into mechanical.
c.BLDCM construction allows you to exploit those motors in water, aggressive and explosive environment.
d.Have high-energy datum. Its’ efficiency is more than 80-90%.
e.Have a wide range of change rotational frequency.
f.Have long service life and high reliability due to the absence of sliding electrical contacts.
2.Permanent magnet DC motor works on the same principle as normal DC motors, i.e. when communicator goes into magnet field it produces force.
a.No input power to consume for if field excitation which improves DC motors’ efficiency.
b.Smaller in size because of lack of field coil.
c.Cost advantage. Using of PMDC reduces manufacturing cost, also PMDC are cheap in cost.
d.Low-voltage PMDC motors produce less air noise.
e.When you need high starting and acceleration torque, predictable motor speed properties, compact size, and energy efficiency, permanent magnet DC motors may be the solution.

7.How to fit an electric conversion kit?

Motor – it depends on the type of wheel. It is easy to fit Magnesium wheel hub– all you need is to replace your back wheel with the magnesium hub motor wheel.

For fitting spoke wheels bicycle with a hub motor, you have to remove spokes from the wheel, place the motor and then put the spokes back.

Controller and Battery box placing fully depends on your personal preferences.

If you want to get information about connections, please, watch out video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3HsbNOX2tk

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36V 250 W GoGoA1 Magnesium alloy hub motor conversion kit full review

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Last time we got a lot of questions about our Magnesium alloy wheel hub motor conversion kit, so today we are here to tell you every detail about it.This full conversion kit will provide you with an ability to transform your existing bicycle into the electric one.

Magnesium alloy wheel hub motor kit.

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Electric vehicles industry promises to be the biggest business of the future

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Today we want to share facts that tell us that electric vehicles field is the biggest and main transport type and source of revenue in the future.

Everybody wants their business to be long-lived and high-profitable, but sometimes it is difficult to find out a beneficial field to invest money and efforts.According to business trend on the world’s market, GoGoA1.com suggests paying attention in the electric vehicles field, which promises to be the biggest business of the future.

3 facts  that show the importance of electric vehicles market:

1.The government of India plans to make it a pure EV nation.
2.According to Mission 2030, every car will be electric powered one, after 2030.
3.Europe makes plans to ban petrol and diesel cars from 2040.

India’s fuel transportation amount in numbers:

-Two-wheelers -according to the “Times of India” report, 17.7 million two-wheelers were sold in India in just 2016 year – more than 48,000 units per day.
-Three-wheelers – “The Economist” article of the 2015 year consider India alone makes 530,000 auto rickshaws a year for local use and 300,000 for export.
-Four-wheelers- there are 60 to 80 million cars in India.

All that information shows how big the market is and how big it’s potential is, for doing business. Moreover, Indian auto industry capable of making a revenue of $300 billion by 2026, as per the study. GoGoA1.com has worked on that market for a long time and also provided opportunities to entrepreneurs and existing successful business owners to develop and increase their business.

GoGoA1.com is a world-class OEM/ODM and Supplier of Electric&Solar Powered Vehicles and it’s components.The company is located in India and has it’s own manufacturing facility in China.
Except of production and supplying of EVs and it’s components, we concentrate on the transformation of existing fuel 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers and cars into the electric powered ones by creating hybrid and complete electric conversion kits for it.

The main advantages of converting existing vehicles into electric ones are:

1.Transformation of existing fuel vehicles will be cheaper than buying new ones.
2.The number of vehicles on roads do not increase, so it does not contribute traffic jams and air pollution growth.
3. You can give a new life to your favorite car and transform it into electric powered.

Want to start your own business, but confused and do not know where to start?
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10 reasons why you should buy your bicycle at GoGoA1.com

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Today we decide to tell you what services we offer when we offer our bicycles 😉

As we work on both B2B and B2C markets, so we’ll describe our services in 2 groups. Check it faster!

For our B2C customers:

  1. GoGoA1.com uses only quality materials for manufacturing our products. We produce bicycles with a high carbon steel or an aluminum frame and with magnesium alloy or spoke wheels.

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PMDC Motor Basics

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Our technical department is cool as always so  we are here again with our new short post about PMDC Motor.

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We already wrote about Flemming’s left hand rule, but perhaps, there are new readers who didn’t read our previous post, so we’ll shortly explain it again.

Flemming’s left hand rule– this rule is applicable for d.c motors. The rule states that, whenever a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, a force acts on the conduct in the direction perpendicular to both, the current and the magnetic field.

Here you can see Fleming's Left Hand Rule demonstration
Fleming’s Left Hand Rule demonstration

Since all D.C motors work on Flemming’s left hand rule, it’s essential to establish a magnetic field.

This magnetic field is produced by the means of magnets.

When permanent magnets are used to create the magnetic field, the motor is called a Permanent Magnet motor or a  PMDC motor.

Construction of PMDC Motor:

STATOR – is a steel cylinder with permanent magnets placed at the inner periphery of the steel cylinder.

PMDC motor construction

The magnets are placed so that the alternate poles of the magnets are facing the armature or the rotor (i.e if the north pole of one magnet is facing the rotor, the south pole of the next magnet will be facing the rotor).

ROTOR- is made of varnish insulated, slotted circular laminated steel sheet. The rotor consists of core, winding and commutator.

Carbon or graphite brushes are places with spring pressure on the commutator segments to supply current to the rotor.

Working principle of the PMDC Motor:

As mentioned earlier, the D.C motor works on Flemming’s left-hand rule, when the current carry conductor comes inside a magnetic field, it experiences a mechanical force which is governed by the left-hand rule.

The armature/ rotor is placed in the magnetic field of the permanent magnet(i.e the stator); the armature rotates in the direction of the generated force.

The conductors on the armature experiences the mechanical force of F = B.I.L Newton, where

B =  magnetic field in tesla;

I = current in Amperes;

L = length of the conductor in meters;

Each conductor experiences forces and the compilation of these forces result in torque, because of which the armature rotates.

Advantages of PMDC Motor:

  1. No need for field excitation arrangement
  2. No input power is used for the excitation of the field, thus increasing the efficiency of the motor.
  3. No field coil, thus the size of the motor is small.
  4. Cheap and economical for fractional kw application.

Disadvantages of PMDC Motor:

  1. There is a chance of getting the poles permanently demagnetized (partial) due to excessive during starting, overloading and reverse the condition of the motor.
  2. The magnetic field is present all time, even when the motor is not being used.
  3. A pmdc motor has a lower induced torque per ampere turns of armature current than a shunt motor of the same rating.

Applications of PMDC Motor:

  1. In automobiles for windshield wipers and washers, air conditions, for heaters, to raise the lower windows, etc.
  2. In electric bikes
  3. In toy industries
  4. Used in electric tools like drilling machines, hedge trimmers, etc.

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BLDC Motor Basics.Part 2

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In the 1st part of our BLDC Motor Basics post we promised you to provide information about the BLDC motor principle of work,  about improving the performance of it and the BLDC motor types. We appreciate our readers and we keep our promises, so here it is – read, learn and enjoy 😉

Working principle: basic interaction between a permanent magnet(rotor) and an electromagnet(stator).

For simplicity,

Consider three stator coil winding arrangements A, B and C.
When coil A is given a dc supply, it gets energized and becomes an electromagnet.

The opposite pole of the rotor gets attracted to the stator(opposite poles attract). As a result, the rotor pole moves near the energized stator.

As the rotor nears the coil A, coil B of the stator is energized. Similarly, as the rotor nears coil B, coil C is energized. After that, coil A is energized with opposite polarity.

This process is repeated, and the rotor continues to rotate.

Improving the performance of the BLDC motor:

Problem –  as seen above, only one coil is energized at an instant. The 2 inactive coils greatly reduce the power output of the motor.

In order to avoid that, energize coil B with the same polarity as coil A, when the rotor is in the position with coil A.

In this way, the combined effect will push the rotor and produce more torque and power output from the motor. The combined force also makes sure that a BLDC has a beautiful, constant torque nature.

To energize the 2 coils at the same time, the free ends of the coils are connected together.

Electronic controller unit:

An ECU is used in a BLDC motor to determine the position of the rotor and to energize the coils accordingly.

The Hall-effect sensor is used to sense the position of the rotor.

This sensor gives information to the controller, which energizes the stator coils accordingly.

Types of BLDC Motor:


In the Out-Runner type, the magnets are placed on the outside of the stator, as shown in the fig. below.

Compared to the in-runner type bldc motor, the out-runner has more mechanical advantages.It has comparatively more torque.

Comparatively, It can swing heavier props.

 2. In-Runner:

In the In-Runner type of motor, the magnets are placed on the inside of the stator, as shown in the fig. below.

Comparatively, it runs on high RMP.

Inrunner and Outrunner BLDC types of motor
BLDC Motor types


Advantages of a BLDC motor:

  • Better speed v/s torque characteristics
  • High dynamic response
  • High efficiency
  • Long operating life due to lack of electrical and frictional losses
  • Noiseless operation
  • Higher speed ranges

Applications of BLDC Motor:

  • Transportation
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Industrial engineering
  • Model engineering

So now you know basic motor information – we created it in short form so anytime when you’ll forget something it’ll be easy for you to open our post and check it.

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