The Efficient Bike Scooter Umbrella


Greetings from GoGoA1 πŸ˜‰

In all previous posts, we have provided you many informations related to Electric Vehicle (EV) Industry which is growing significantly in India. Even though not all products are explained here yet but our team will keep providing you good knowledge of our products in the future.

Today we are going to explain this rare item in India. This ought to be one of the most innovative invention ever : Bike Scooter Umbrella!

Have you ever thought the easiest way to get rid of the rain while riding your bike/scooter? As the rain comes at a sudden, pulling out rain coat and covering the whole body will be such a burdening way. It takes time a lot, too. Considering this kind of experience, GoGoA1 came out with an idea to simplify any bikers problems. This bike scooter umbrella is designed to help riders find their journey awesome without thinking the rain or sunlight. Yes, this umbrella can be applied both in monsoon rain and summer season. Since having a rain coat during summer will be weird, GoGoA1’s umbrella will help your skin protected from the sun.


GoGoA1’s umbrella comes with variant of colour that will suit your personality. The material is stronger than normal umbrella we have at home, also the stick and stretcher are made from a high quality steel to ensure you that it won’t crack under heavy rain. It has a unique design which can be used both men and woman. In brief, this bike scooter umbrella won’t upset you anytime.

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This umbrella had caught people’s heart ever since its launching.


So, have you got this in your inventory?

Please visit our website and facebook page to know more about this product πŸ™‚


Here is to your prosperity,




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