Folding bicycle features

Greetings from team!

We were silent for quite a long time not because we had nothing to say you, but because of work season.Good news: we decided to fix our the mistake, so we are here with a new short post about folding bicycles.

Steel not serious about the folding bicycles? We’ll take chance to change it right now


Folding bicycles are:

  1. Perfect solution if you need to mix cycling and another way of transportation because of its compact size;
  2. Great option for those who have space limitations – it helps to get rid of «I do not have free space in my flat to store bicycle» problem;

Not only usual bicycles can be folding but electric ones also.

Usually, folding bicycles are smaller, but there are versions with full-sized rims.

Why are folding bicycles traditionally small? 

The main advantage of that kind of bicycles is easy to carry option and ability to store it in tiny spaces. Small wheels models are light in their weight and they are compact in size, but at the same time, they do not produce as much driving force on the road.

In case of reducing of the folding bicycle size, wheels will increase the level of its rotation, but it will be heavier in weight, not so comfortable to carry and also there are restrictions for bicycles in some public transport.

Folding bicycles mainly has one size but adjustable for every person, so all family members are able to use that product by changing the position of saddle what’s also is an easy and fast process with the quick release sit option.

Therefore, choice of bicycle frame type depends on the rider purposes.

So what else can reduce the weight of the folding bicycles except for its size?

Our answer is «“Material that was used for bicycle production and quality of that material». Alloy frames are lighter than steel ones that can help you reduce the weight.

Folding bicycles perform the same functions as the usual ones – they can be MTB, city or road bikes, hybrids, e-bikes, but in addition to the advantages of non-foldable ones, they have lightweight and are easy to store.

So don’t judge a book by its cover and make your life easier with folding bicycle;)

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Here is to your prosperity, team

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