36V 250 W GoGoA1 Magnesium alloy hub motor conversion kit full review

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Last time we got a lot of questions about our Magnesium alloy wheel hub motor conversion kit, so today we are here to tell you every detail about it.This full conversion kit will provide you with an ability to transform your existing bicycle into the electric one.

Magnesium alloy wheel hub motor kit.

Kit includes: 36V 250W Magnesium alloy wheel hub motor and 26’’ front wheel, controller in the controller box, 36V Li-ION battery in the battery box, double disc brakes and catcher, brake levers, throttle and charger.

Let’s start from the 1st point. Magnesium alloy wheel hub motor. The motor is inserted into the 26’’ magnesium alloy wheel. That motor has 83.5% efficiency, 32 N.m max torque and at the same time, it is lightweight.The motor provides you with the fast ride – 25-30 speed km per hour. The motor inserted in the rear wheel because in that case, it’ll provide you with powerful acceleration, high flexibility level, quiet running and generous spare capacity.

Magnesium alloy that we use to produce that wheels is a 100% pure AZ91D alloy – we do not try to save money on the materials we use only new materials and do not use the recycled ones for manufacturing of our products. It provides high durability and extends the time of product exploitation.

The mold in the upper and lower left and right direction each has a side slider. Between the product features, parts of the original have small-rounded corners, which is not conducive to the formation of parts. Again, that will allow you to use it for a long time.

Magnesium wheels are light – the weight of the front wheel is 1450 gram ( the average weight of the spoke wheel in comparison is 1.5 to 2 kg), so it’ll provide you with safe and maneuverability.

We provide the wheels in different colors and design so you can choose the most suitable one.

Mag wheels have low density, so it has low deformation level and it’s capable to absorb vibrations well, so you’ll feel comfortable while you ride and you would extend wheels exploitation time (especially if you use it on city roads). It’s much easier to clean it, so you will save your time for other important things.

Next component is 36V 350 W BLDC Hub motor controller.


It performs well because it has auto-identification of the hall sensor and auto-identification of the phase angle of 60 and 120 degrees. The placement of the controller and battery boxes usually depends on your personal preferences and your riding comfort.

This is battery box. It has a stylish appearance and compact size:165mm x 91mm x 70mm.The main advantage is that this battery box is easy to detach when you’ll decide to charge the battery. Inside of that box, you’ll see 36V 4.8 Ah 5 c grade lithium-ion battery that is fast rechargeable – 120 minutes maximum.To charge that bicycle our kit also includes a charger.


Disc brake with  a catcher

Stainless steel disc brakes with a catcher on the front and on the rear wheels. Disc brakes allow you to put less effort to stop your bicycle, it reacts fast, and the disc brakes grab well in wet conditions, so it makes your ride much safer.




Here you can see brake levers that have stable brake performance in various conditions.

Next part is the universal throttle. It’s easy to use and no need to spend time, just rotate it and your bike will start its work.

So, it’s time to show you how kit perform on the bicycle 😉

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Now you know everything about our conversion kit – it’s components and benefits, so why you still here? Go to our website: www.GoGoA1.com and convert your bike 😉

Here’s to your prosperity,
GoGoA1.com team


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